Beyond Shame

beyond shameTitle: Beyond Shame
Author: Kit Rocha
Publisher: Self Published/Indie
Publication Date: Sept 2012
Classification: Adult Novel
Content: Erotic Scenes, M/F/M, F/F

Summary from Goodreads:

All Noelle Cunningham has ever wanted is a life beyond–beyond the walls of Eden, where only the righteous are allowed to remain, and beyond her stiflingly restrictive existence as a councilman’s daughter. But only ruins lie outside the City, remnants of a society destroyed by solar storms decades earlier.

The sectors surrounding Eden house the corrupt, the criminal–men like Jasper McCray, bootlegger and cage fighter. Jas clawed his way up from nothing to stand at the right hand of Sector Four’s ruthless leader, and he’ll defend the O’Kane gang with his life. But no fight ever prepared him for the exiled City girl who falls at his feet.

Her innocence is undeniable, but so is their intense sexual attraction, and soon they’re crossing every boundary Noelle barely knew she had. But if she wants to belong to Jas, first she’ll have to open herself to a dangerous world of sex, lust and violence. A world where passion is power, and freedom is found in submission.

My Thoughts:

I had been reading a lot of young adult books all in a row and realized I wanted a steamy read that would jump start me back into adult books. I decided to go with Beyond Shame because I’m on a dystopian kick and I figured what better to try than an erotic dystopian novel.

The instant you jump into this novel it is heart pounding and shocking from the start. Almost from the start of this book the sweet Noelle from Eden is introduced to a world where anything goes because it is not illegal to have alcohol, fight, or do sexual things in the sectors. She was once expected to be the uptight daughter of a Councilman but now she is free to do what she wants since she has been kicked out of Eden. I feel that Noelle was on sensory overload because she could wear skimpy clothes, kiss whoever she wanted (women included), and fall in love with whoever she felt like. Of course for a girl who was always a yes sir girl it was interesting to see her shoved in a completely different world. She instantly meets Jasper who is the right hand man to Dallas who runs Sector 4.

I felt that their romance was a little strong from the start, everyone in the book just expected Jasper to collar her, which means to take her as his woman. I felt that Noelle just wanted to say yes to Jasper because she knew he would protect her and lead her into this new lifestyle which turns Jasper into a babysitter. Add in Lex who is the head woman in Sector 4, who is also in charge of Noelle and you have a complicated circle of men and women who want a piece of Noelle. So while Noelle gets to be silly and slightly stupid from time to time because she doesn’t know how to be a strong female and say no, Jasper just keeps his distance and directs her into having sexual encounters with multiple other partners as long as he is in the room with her. So while a lot of these sexual encounters were steamy and added in things that I haven’t even read in other erotica books, I also felt they could be out of place at times. Noelle didn’t need to jump into this many sexual activities when she didn’t even know who she was in this new place.

I honestly felt that it took a long time for Noelle to finally figure out who she wanted to be in this new world of Sector 4. She was often a character that I didn’t like because she wasn’t strong for most of the book. I do think that over time she started to learn the lifestyle and become more accustom to what she wanted but it took her almost the entire book to learn to stand on her own and figure out what and who she wanted. This was certainly a character growth book because Noelle changes into someone else during this story and while her journey was often tough I did like watching it happen. I also have to cheer for Jasper because the entire time when he seemed he was in the background he was often doing exactly what Noelle really needed. He guided her in ways she didn’t even realize and I have to admire a man who will help a woman realize her true potential before trying to claim her.

Oh and if you are wondering what the actual storyline is like I have to say that is fast pace and interesting as well. There is a war brewing over territory and there is that political intrigue that is so often the staple of a dystopian world. I do have to say though just as the plot lines really started to form together the book ended so I certainly hope to see more in the second book which will feature Lex and Dallas this time.

Overall, if you are truly ready for a rough and tumble ride of an erotica book then this is the one for you. The book is not always comfortable to read and it does certainly push some boundaries of some readers but it is raw and real. It will shock you and yet you will fall for the characters and the plot will keep things moving along at a great pace. So before you dive into this one just be ready for an in your face adventure that you have never seen before in an erotica book.



  1. When I first read the title of your post, I read it as “Body Shame” not Beyond Shame. Clearly, no one has body shame in this book. This sounds like a fun and steamy read. :)

  2. This book was H-O-T. But you are correct–it took Noelle a ridiculously long time to stop with the self-hatred and sex=slut mentality. I have sympathy for her plight, it would definitely be difficult to shed a lifetimes worth of stigmas, but she took it a bit too far for me. Great review!

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