Thinking About…Single Stories


Hey everyone! This semester has been super busy, both in a bad and good way. I like staying busying. I like when I have things to work on or goals to complete but sometimes it all becomes too much. That’s why breaks are always a good thing. I’m finally on Spring Break and although I still have work to do before I go back to classes next week I am still relieved to have a little bit more flexible schedule. Hopefully I can read a book or two and read some more blog posts in between catching up with school work.

I am taking an Adolescent Development class and last week we began to talk about Identity in adolescence and emerging adulthood. Right before break we watched a Ted talk video and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it and how true it is. The video The Danger of a Single Story can been found here. Do watch it if you can.  I always try to see things from different sides but after watching this video I realized just how often people tend to only see one story from a person. Their knowledge of a subject, person, group, culture, place etc only reaches so far and that is the story they have created for that person or everyone in that group. This of course is not accurate and can lead to misunderstandings. Watch the video. It is great. It can remind you of your own experiences or even open you up to think about the experiences of others. I am happy I had the opportunity to watch it. Let me know what you think!



  1. Enjoy Spring Break!! I hope you get to read at least one great book! =) I’m heading over to watch that video now…

  2. What a great video, thanks so much for sharing! Sadly, I see people and places as a single story far too often. This video will stick with me and be a reminder to look for the multiple stories and perspectives that make up a whole.

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