Girl Behind the Blog: Blogging A Chore?


I know everyone lately has be complaining about the blogging world so I guess I’m not the first nor will I be the last.

I suppose I just wonder why I continue blogging. I do love reading blogs and chatting with bloggers but sometimes I just feel like an island adrift in the sea of bloggers. I feel like I will never have one of those popular blogs that gets tons of visitors a day, which is fine by me. However I do need to feel like I’m getting something out of blogging.

I fell as if I’m sitting here every day wondering if I should keep doing this or not. I feel like I’ve become very blah about blogging and don’t know what to think…

I also see plenty of bloggers lately wanting associate reviewers and I start to think that maybe I would have fun being an associate reviewer on another blog in addition to my own. The only problem with that is that I barely have enough time for my blog let alone to be reviewing for another blog at the same time. Maybe this is just a lack of time. Maybe once I’m done with my medical program in about two months I will have more time to do things the way I want to do them without this feeling like a chore.

Here is to more time, less stress and more blogging moments!


  1. I struggle with blogging at times as well; I’ve found that sticking to a schedule and time management are key to staying sane. However, there are definitely days when I seriously consider quitting, then my guy chimes in “but whatever will you do while I’m watching football / basketball / playing Final Fantasy?” and I go “Ooh, good point.” LOL

  2. I’ve been struggling lately too. I remember almost around the time I had stopped for like almost a year that a lot of my favorites blogs/blogger friends stopped blogging and lately haven’t really seen a lot of reviews/posts. I have shut down my blog like two times and re-started it. I look at it, I’ll stop blogging for a bit or whatever, but keep my blog b/c of all that work and I’ll probably go back to it later when I feel excited about doing it again. I’ve pretty much accepted that I won’t be one of those blogs where I won’t get a lot of comments or whatever and I’m okay with that now too.

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