2014 Book Blogger Summer Reading Program


I know I know I really was against signing up for challenges this year. I just wanted to make my own goals about TBR and regular reading and I did that in a list. However, I’m finding that I’m not reading a lot of books off my TBR pile. Instead I’ve been getting books from the library or buying new ones to read. I really need to try to make a dent in the TBR pile. Plus there are some great books on that pile so I’m joining the Summer Reading Program @ Katie’s Book Blog.

“What is it?

The book blogger summer reading program is a way to challenge yourself to make a dent in your TBR pile over the summer.

When is it?

I know that summer starts in May for some people and June for others so I figured I’d go ahead and the make the program from the beginning of May to the beginning of September.  That should give everybody a good amount of time to get some reading done


  • Your goal can be as low as 5 books (at least 5 though) and as high as 50+.  Just make it realistic for you!
  • You can read whatever you want. Doesn’t matter when it’s published, what genre, etc. Just read what you enjoy!
  • Create a post or shelf on Goodreads to track your progress. Link to that post or shelf in the linky.”

I’m going to try to read 25 books from May 1-Sept 1.
This goal is a little low considering I’m graduating college in a few days and then I don’t have school at all anymore. However, I do need to do adult things like look for a job, move out (maybe to a different state), etc. So I might be busy with life changes this summer but I still think I can manage to read, that is if I don’t have all of my books packed away for a move.

My List:
1. Undeniable
2. Easy



  1. Congrats on Graduating! My goals is 20 books.

  2. This sounds like so much fun! I’ve definitely been considering joining it. I have so many books on my TBR and I think this would help make a dent in that pile. Good luck with your goal :)

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