Because You Are Mine


because you are mineTitle: Because You Are Mine
Author: Beth Kery
Publisher: Berkley Trade
Publication Date: Mar 2013
Classification: Adult Novel
Content: Erotic Scenes Including BDSM & Mature Themes

Summary from Goodreads:

When they met, the instant attraction was unmistakable…a purely, exquisitely physical charge. Succumbing to their desires is the easy part. But when passion opens the door to an intimacy neither has known, can a man known for being unbendable learn to love?

My Thoughts:

As I’m sure you all know I tend to be more of a YA reader and review that genre far more often than the steamy adult books. I do love those steamy adult stories though so I try to mix some in from time to time. I figured this would be a good one to add into the mix and since it sounded fun I thought I would try it out.

The story is easy to follow in this one because the characters are pretty much just Ian and Francesca throughout the majority of the tale. Sure there are secondary characters that pop up from time to time but the tale is really about how these two are slowly falling for each other no matter what goes wrong. I really felt for Francesca from early on in the story because she struggled with her weight as a teenager and she never was really able to push past that to understand the powerhouse of a woman she could become. She let the pounds melt off but she never gained confidence in herself. This lead to her being upset several times in the novel due to something Ian would do or say. I’m not saying Ian was a bad character but he certainly proved himself to be an asshole several times in the book.

I felt that most of the sections that made up this book worked but the sections did seem to have a formula. Since there were originally several short sections of this story released at separate times and then bound together in this book you could tell that the pieces were once separate. The different sections, seven if I remember correctly, all felt like a repeat after a while. Ian and Francesca would come together, have some play in the bedroom, a punishment for Francesca, Ian would say something stupid to drive her away, he would realize he was stupid, and then he would go to her to get her back. This worked for some of the time but it did get a little old and a little stale with time. Plus the plot is about a rich alpha male and a virgin female who has never had any sex let alone the kind said rich man wants. I don’t want to put you off reading this because it was a good story and I did enjoy the steamy parts and some of the character developments but it doesn’t have a lot to add to that BDSM Erotica book we must put up with now-a-days ever since Fifty Shades of Grey.

Overall, I feel this was a beginning book and the character development didn’t really happen until the end of the book. I know this is now a series and in a later book Ian and Francesca get a chance to have another book so maybe things will progress further than the bedroom in the next book.

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  1. Sounds too repetitive for my taste, though Francesca does sound interesting!

  2. It’s always good to venture out of your reading comfort zone every now and then. I’m glad that, for the most part, you enjoyed this one. Great review!

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