Well you have all probably heard me go on and on at the blog about how I’m in a medical program and how that pulled me away from blogging over the years. Now I can finally say I’m done with the program and I’m graduating today!

This will hopefully mean more time for blogging but it could also mean packing up my stuff and moving to a different state for a job.

Who knows what will happen but I still enjoy blogging.

Thanks to everyone for reading the blog and sticking around all these years, months, weeks, or days.

Wish me luck on taking a huge test at the state level to become a certified nuclear medicine technologist!

Oh and I will be gone most of May for my vacation to Europe! I’m sure Bianca will be around though to entertain you all.



  1. Congrats Alexa! You should be very proud! I am excited for you!

  2. Congrats baby cousin!!! Now you can

  3. Congrats!! Enjoy your vacation!

  4. Congrats to you!! Have fun on your trip! :D

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